With Def Leppard between albums and Last in Line on seemingly permanent hiatus after the death of bassist Jimmy Bain, it looks like Vivian Campbell has turned his attention to yet another project.

Campbell discussed his future plans with Icon vs. Icon, predicting that after Def Leppard completes its current touring obligations, the group will spend 2017 off the road — and admitting that Bain's death had put Last in Line at a "peculiar kind of crossroads" — all of which opens some room in his schedule for a band he declined to name.

"There is another band that I used to be in many, many years ago that I am getting together with next week to start writing for a new record," said Campbell. "I can’t mention who it is yet, but it is one of my past projects and we are kind of getting back together and we have been offered a record deal."

Even though he hasn't confirmed anything yet, Campbell seems to be referring to Riverdogs, the group he joined in the late '80s. Although he departed the lineup shortly after their self-titled debut failed to take off, Campbell returned in 2003, taking part in a series of sessions that eventually saw release via 2011's World Gone Mad album.

The Riverdogs' Facebook page has been hinting at new music for some time. An update posted in late summer 2014 told fans the band members had been "talking about" writing more material, and earlier this year, another post promised, "We have all been in close contact lately trying to make some Dogs magic happen very soon."

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