The U.S has imposed $250 billion in tariffs against products made in China and major companies like Macy's and Walmart have already started warning consumers that these will lead to higher prices in stores.

Walmart's Chief Financial Officer said the higher tariffs will definitely result in increased prices at Walmart. The company didn't specify which products will cost consumers more but according to CBS News: "Consumers can expect to pay more for thousands of products, from clothing and furniture to bicycles and food, as a result of expanded tariffs on Chinese-made goods."

Now I like to keep it real, so I'm not going to pretend like I'm informed enough on the subject of trade wars to offer an educated opinion on whether or not this is good for our county, but when I hear how they will affect my finances my ears do perk up.

Over the course of a year, the average family of four will spend a significant amount more, nearly $2,300 more because of the tariffs according to a report in Time Magazine. I don't know about you but $2,300 is a lot of money in my house.

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