UPDATE: At 5:30 PM Monday, Governor Walz ordered the closure of Minnesota restaurants and bars to dine-in customers as well as other places of public accommodation and amusement. Click here for details.

Yesterday after ordering Minnesota Schools closed, Governor Walz was asked about shutting down bars and restaurants to slow the spread of COVID-19. He said he is considering it. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports that on Sunday, Walz said, “I have to be candid, that may become an option. … We are thinking about that.”

It is not clear if operations at these restaurants would completely stop or if they would be limited to offering take-out only.

Several other states have already closed bars and restaurants, including Ohio, Illinois, California, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

My heart breaks for the owners of these restaurants, their employees, and all of their families that will no doubt lose significant income during this period. Restaurants in our area remain open at this time, but they are most likely feeling the impact as more and more people stay home.

There are things you and I can do to help: 1) Order take out and leave a big tip.  2) If you're not comfortable doing that, visit the establishment's website and purchase a gift card - this will keep the cash flowing for that business and will help the owner pay their employees.

Read the latest coronavirus information and cancelations here.

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