Aerosmith star in a new TV commercial released by Visit Las Vegas that promotes the city’s distinctive cultural status. After a series of scenes showing the adventurous and indulgent nature of the destination, singer Steven Tyler is seen onstage with his bandmates, leading the crowd through a chant of the city slogan, “What happens here only happens here.”

You can watch the commercial below.

Aerosmith’s current Deuces Are Wild residency at the Park MGM’s Park Theater started in April 2019 and continues until June 4. Soon after the run began, guitarist Joe Perry admitted he had some doubts about the concept.

“I thought I was going to be bored doing this by now, the way everybody was talking about it," he said. "You know, ‘You don't have to travel every day. It's all automated, the lights, moving stuff.’ Well, the bottom line is, when we go out there, it's a new audience, and it's like a whole different show. … You have to go out there and win them over. If you have a night where everything was great, you still gotta do another great one tomorrow. You gotta try. You're always starting from zero every time you walk out there. So, that part is exciting. Frankly, I haven't been bored yet.”

The show features material from throughout the band’s history, along with additional musicians to provide new arrangements. “You're immersed in Aerosmith's world when you come to this show, and that's the difference," Perry said. "It was important to us to maintain the hardcore, garage-band feel of what Aerosmith is and try to bring in the big-show element of a Las Vegas show.”

He described the short movie that opens the show as “most important." “When we showed that film the first couple times, people were actually crying in the audience," he said. "They were saying, 'I remember them when they played there!’ or ‘I remember when I first heard that song!’ or whatever.”


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