Pretty much every young music fan dreams of performing with his or her heroes, but for most of us, the reality of being invited up onstage would prove far more nerve-wracking than it plays out in those youthful fantasies. Then again, some of us are born to strap on a guitar and play a song with Bruce Springsteen at a moment's notice.

Take Australian teen Nathan Testa, who showed up at Springsteen's Brisbane concert on Feb. 16 and stood toward the front of the crowd with a sign proudly reading "Missed school, in the s--- now, now can I play 'Growin' Up' with you?"

Being Bruce Springsteen means spending hours reading a sea of handmade signs at every performance, but for this one, this Boss took notice and — as you can see in the fan-shot footage above — honored Testa's request, inviting him up and asking him whether he really knew the chords.

Whatever he might lack in terms of school attendance, the kid isn't wanting for moxie. After pulling a pick out of his pocket, he was handed an acoustic guitar and joined the band for a rendition of "Growin' Up" that was nowhere near the tentative train wreck it might have been. Duly impressed, Springsteen offered Testa a little advice for his rock-god future.

"When I was your age, I brought my first guitar," mused Springsteen. "I realized it wasn't how well you played it, but how good you looked doing it. So I [stood] in front of the mirror trying out different poses."

And of course, they also took a selfie:

Springsteen remains in the region through Feb. 25, when he and the E Street Band wrap up their current tour leg with a show in Auckland, New Zealand. Fans can expect a solo album later this year.

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