So there isn't a whole lot to this, other than it's a parody of course of the wildly popular Mandalorian program that has brought us Baby Yoda, who has taken the place of woman yelling at cat memes on my feeds on Twitter and Facebook. The episode shows what many Minnesota men might do on a Saturday. Head to the VFW, have a beer, what else do you do at a VFW?

Youtube User Game On! Minnesota is behind the video that is starting to get some attention in places other then Minnesota. Game On! Minnesota describes themselves as "your home for unstructured play in the hockey state. It’s a place where creativity and personality get double-shifted, and puck gets a little punk rock. You won’t find rankings, tournament summaries, or recycled coaching columns and skating tutorials here. No, Game On will have more in common with Saturday Night Live and Mad Magazine than with the hockey media establishment."

Game On! Minnesota also brings us those great Minnesota State Hockey Hair videos every year.

I can only imagine what episode two will revolve around. Meat raffle? Ice Fishing?

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