Yesterday in Plymouth, Mike Goldstein, who had put in 31 years on the job, retired as the Plymouth police chief. As a way to honor him, he was treated to a police and fire department escort on his way home from work, for the last time. Check this out!

Goldstein, maybe not a household name but maybe should be, as KSTP-TV reported that Goldstein took the mental health part of work seriously as he "started with voluntary check-ins between his officers and a mental health professional. But it wasn't until back-to-back officer-involved shootings that he realized he had to do more."

"After I saw the impact of these two high-profile incidents, I mandated the visits, which was a first that I know of, at least in our state," Goldstein told KSTP-TV. 

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in four police officers has or will have thoughts of suicide.

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Taking over in Plymouth is Eric Fadden who will be named the Director of Public Safety.

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