A composite of most things the non-Vikings world knows about Kirk Cousins made an appearance on the NFL Honors on Thursday night, and it was...something.

Wrapped in a pile of gold chains, ala Kirko Chainz from the viral postgame photos this season, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins strolled out on the stage toward the end of the NFL Honors ceremony to make a quick appearance.

The event, hosted by Kelly Clarkson, featured a few musical moments - which only makes sense with Clarkson as the host. As Kirk strolled out on stage, I had zero expectations that he would end up singing. I should have known better. All of the signs were there.

Unless you follow the career of Kirk Cousins or are a Vikings fan, there are a handful of things the general population knows about ol' number eight. Those things are:

  • His catchphrase, "You like that?!", became a thing in his days with Washington.
  • Noon game Kirk and primetime game Kirk are two different players.
  • Following a series of "Kohl's Dad" memes from a post-game interview early in the season, his teammates transformed him into "Kirko Chainz" after stringing together some late-game comebacks.
  • Kirk sang in his younger years.

In case you didn't see that moment on the list, a video emerged in 2020 of Cousins singing and dancing in some high school performances that made the rounds on the internet.

Certainly not the absolute best singer I've heard, but definitely way better than I could ever do.

During the NFL Honors, the world got to meet the combination Kirko Chainz-singer Cousins in a staged bit with host Kelly Clarkson.

TSN Via VikesInsider on Twitter
TSN Via VikesInsider on Twitter

The bit, which had fun with Tom Brady's retirement and how the rest of the league's quarterbacks are thrilled, also included a reference from Clarkson about his recent "thirst trap" photo from earlier this week.

The thing I found funny was how Clarkson commented multiple times how Cousins could sing. I mean, yeah, he flatly carried a tune, but it wasn't like he was Michael Buble or something.

Anyway, you can see the whole moment here:

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