Yesterday afternoon I stumbled on this video of President Donald Trump edited to perform Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'. This is the greatest, most metal thing, I have ever seen.

The Youtuber who created this, Lars von Retriever, has created other #MetalTrump videos since, but none seem to be as perfect as this one.

It doesn't appear that there is anything negative or positive as far as messaging from von Retriever in his final cut that he puts online. To me it was just about how nearly perfect the edits were to make the song by Metallica actually sound like 'Enter Sandman'. Too many times, and in some other videos by von Retriever it just seems like it was forced to fit.

In the 'about' section of this Youtube channel, von Retriever states it perfectly in really the only thing written. "I don't care about politics, just passionate about good music. So don't take these vids too seriously, folks!"

I was apparently late to the table with this, as a bunch of the videos were released in 2019 with the most recent coming about a week ago as a salute to Ozzy Osbourne as he battles Parkinson's.

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