There are winners and losers in sports. These players from Jackson County Central chose to speak after falling to Pierz 20-14 in the semifinals of Minnesota's prep football playoffs. They didn't have to speak to the media, but they chose to and you realize while watching this it was more than the games they played but about the friendships, that they made over the seasons that will stick with them. 

Jackson County Central was up 14-0 over Pierz in their semi-final game this weekend when Pierz came back and score 20 straight points to win. After the tough loss, Jackson County Central's Rudy Voss and Bradley Buhl Jr. chose to speak to the media and it was less about the game than it was about how much football and their team has meant to them this season. 

Rudy said it best when he said: "It was the bus rides, the practices, the team meals...the games are just a short part of the season...we are just a family."

Sometimes we forget what the game, the season, the team means to these young men and women who compete during the prep season. Will this loss define who they are in the long run? No. But it can shape them to face adversity later in life.

It took some guts to take some questions after the tough loss and these two young men did just that, and they didn't dwell on the game they dwelled on the comradery, and the moments they all shared during the season.

The video is from AJ Feldman's Twitter account, AJ is the Sports Director for @LakelandNewsPBS covering Bemidji, Brainerd, and all of Lakes Country.

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