In a testament to farmers everywhere a man who goes by MN Millennial Farmer on Social Media has gone viral with his video about stepping up and helping another farm family who lost their husband and father. Zach Johnson, recruited a neighbor to help him combine the fallen farmer's muddy soybeans. Oh and Johnson et. all did this while the mourning family was at the wake. 

All of this was done without the family knowing what was being done. They enlisted 4 combines, and the local coop to handle hauling the beans. Johnson sums up his unsolicited work with probably the best sentence I've ever heard "because this is what America's farmers do for each other, this is who we are."

According to Bring Me The News, the land Johnson was combining is located in Lowry, Minnesota, which is in West Central Minnesota.

You can watch the entire video below.

The next time someone starts talking about big greedy corporate farmers and farming, maybe play them this video.

Be safe out there during the harvest from our Townsquare Media family to yours.

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