This 16 year old kid can fit so many things in his mouth. That might almost sound dirty- but it isn't.

It's so large that he's set a world record- he's actually in the Guinness Book of World records for literally having a big mouth.

This kid's name is Issac Johnson.  When someone asks him what his talent is... he can say he's got a large, even giant mouth.  Some people might take that as he means that he can't keep a secret or talks a lot.  But in this case, he really has a giant mouth.

How does one figure this out?  Just try and shove stuff into your mouth when you're a kid?  I guess every kid- baby does that.  Kind of like a puppy- everything goes into your mouth when you are a baby/toddler.  It's the way we check things out.

Did his parents get concerned when he can shove a literal brick into his mouth?  Proud parent moment?  We all have a talent of some sort and generally they are just "what you can do".  Some people are super fast, some people are very musical, whatever the talent is- it's usually something you are born with.  And this is no different.  A huge mouth.  It's a case of just go with what you know.  And Issac knows how to open his mouth super wide and see if stuff fits.  And usually it does.

Now, here we are all talking about him, and his giant mouth landed him on late night TV with Jimmy Kimmel's show.  And Wanda Sykes was guest hosting.  So, for me, that would be awesome enough.  Whatever works.

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