Alright it's not even August 15th and I've already seen multiple Halloween decorations being set-up and displayed at local big box stores, I'm looking at you Menards. Is it just me or is it WAY too early for this?

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Not only are the big inflatable outdoor decorations out on display, but some also look a little risque from a certain angle...

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Other big-box stores are joining in on the Halloween wagon. Look at this one from The Home Depot! It's August and we are talking about smoke-bellowing dragons. Granted it is 2020 and maybe dragons are the next thing to take over as the Murder Hornets did briefly in April and May.

I've seen grocery stores with Halloween themed candy bags out and for sale. Back-To-School shopping is still going on! It just seems like we can't escape the retail world pushing us towards the next thing.

On the topic of Halloween, since we are there, will there be trick-or-treating this year? Some parents I know said they won't be going door to door this year, while others told me they were just planning on stopping by at close friends and family's houses.

My thought on the whole Halloween trick-or-treating situation, why not have adults drive by tossing out candy to kids hanging out in their driveways? Reverse parade! It's a double bonus as the kids get to dress up and parents can stay at home. Plus someone gets to get away for a few minutes to drive around hucking candy out the window.

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Halloween Decorations Out In August

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