The winter of 2019 with all the snow caused the collapse of many roofs in Minnesota including one of the old livestock barns on the Steele County Fairgrounds. A few years ago one of the other barn roofs collapsed. So, there was one left of the same age and design. The estimate for a new roof was $80,000. Replacing the barns was on the long term plan.

Dan Deml President of the Steele County Fair spoke at the Steele County Free Fair Livestock Hall of Farm Program about the board's decision to build one big new livestock building on the Fairgrounds and have it ready for the fair this year.  Wayne and Betty Kubichek had talked to Dan about making a donation to the Steele County Fair when a new livestock barn was built. Dan said he told the Kubicek's building a new barn was on the 5-year plan.

The 5-year plan became the immediate plan when the roof went down. Dan said he called the Kubicek's and asked if their offer was still available. The Kubicek's said absolutely. With the hard work of a lot of people and crunching numbers, the new Wayne and Betty Kubicek Family Cattle Haven was ready for this years Steele County Fair!