Turns out this is something that can actually happen and I hope to never experience it.


Remember Sharknado? A tornado picks up sharks and starts dumping them everywhere. I am sure some folks don't think that could happen, but turns out water spouts can cause some animals to be sucked up into them. They will then start raining down onto people. This is mostly common with fish, frogs, and crabs.

Over in Texarkana on Wednesday, people were shocked to find all of these fish in their yards after the downpour that night. Folks on both the Texas and Arkansas line were talking about all of these fish raining down from the sky. Here is what is strange about Wednesday.

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Meteorologists with the National Weather Service said Thursday there were no reports of nearby waterspouts and no radar signature was detected. "It's certainly a headscratcher," one meteorologist said. I don't like the sound of this. Is this is how we're going to close out 2021?


It is raining fish and no one has any idea why? Trust me, I know meteorologists may not be prepared to tell me why it is raining fish, but I need someone to investigate this. Is the world ending? Should I be panicking right now. Get the X Files crew or The Ghostbusters on this. Hopefully this is not a sign of more things to come in 2022.

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