If you were a farmer you would not be happy with last week's weather. In fact, even if you are not a farmer you were likely not pleased with last weeks weather. Temperatures averaged 24.9 degrees and that was a whopping 20 degrees colder than normal. That did not help in melting the snow we received that is for sure. In fact the Southern research and Outreach Center at Waseca received 7.5 inches of snow this month and that was a record by a lot. The previous record for October snowfall was less than 4 inches.

Needless to say very little corn was harvested last week and almost no tillage was done either. However, the forecast for next week looks great. Mostly clear skies, temperatures in the low 60's and some wind too. That should really help melt the last of the snow, dry the fields for harvest and tillage to resume. Plus many cattlemen are still hoping to bale a lot of cornstalks for bedding. If I remember correctly this is about the first week this growing season when farmers had a reason to complain about the weather!

So, if the forecast holds maybe the Coop will be able to spread my dry fertilizer and chisel plow on the anhydrous ammonia. Yes, my farm is in an area of Minnesota fall anhydrous ammonia is still allowed under the new nitrogen rule or regulation. Plus, with all the cold weather the soil temperature is well below 50 degrees needed for fall applications. Plus, it is very unlikely it will increase above 50 until next spring. In the picture is the steam coming off my corn dryer early Sunday morning.

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