Duluth is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country, and sometimes the experiences that will vary.

There are so many amazing hiking trails in Duluth to choose from. There are also some great sights to see along the way too, from different types of trees, to a great view of the city, to ponds, to various critters, and so much more. You can even check out 13 easy hiking trails in Duluth here.

A woman shared her weird experience on Reddit. She started off by saying her and her boyfriend took to the Chester Creek Trail for a little hiking adventure. The trail is a little over 2 miles long. You can find the entrance across from Burrito Union on the corner of 14th Avenue East and 4th Street. The trail is in the middle of the Hillside neighbor, and offers some great sights.

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The woman continues the story by saying something unusual happened. While they were hiking, they noticed a man began following them out of nowhere. She stated he had a very unsettling look when she glanced back at him and they made eye contact.

She stated that her and her boyfriend began to get nervous and felt bad vibes. It was just the three of them in the woods, and it didn't seem to be anyone else in sight. The woman decided to stop and pretend to tie her shoe. Honestly, that's a super smart move, because the man then passed them on the trail.

However, a few minutes later, the guy decided to use that same move and stopped to tie his shoe. I'm sure the bad vibes increased, but the woman played smart and out loudly said "we should turn around". That's exactly what her and her boyfriend did.

Once they began their journey back, she turned around to watch the man. He stood up from "tying his shoe" and watched them walk away. Then he turned around and went a completely different way on the trail. She stated it was a sharp, fast and hard 90 degree angle turn before disappearing into the woods.

She stated her first thought was “he knows he got caught” as she said he had an expression on his face of a child who got caught doing something bad. She also said they slowed down and varied their pace to get the guy to pass them as they felt uncomfortable throughout the hike. However, he always stayed about 10-20 feet behind them.

What a wild experience. I've seen way too many horror movies and probably would have acted the same way this couple did. Who knows what the man's intention truly was. He could have just been going for a walk along the trail.

Reddit user Dorkamundo had this to day about the situation:

So, the more I think about this, the more I think that he stopped to tie his shoe so you guys would pass him so that he could enter the woods at that point. Likely because that's where he was living.

He initially stayed behind you in hopes that he could sneak off into the woods without you noticing, then when you stopped to tie your shoe he was now ahead of you and could not turn off into the woods without arousing suspicion.

So he tied his shoe in hopes that you would pass and not see him go into the woods.

This also explains why he waited until you walked away and he watched you leave.

Who knows what the man was actually doing, but I think the couple acted appropriately.

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