They have already been recognized for how well they brew beer, but now Surly Brewing is being recognized for poking a little fun at our Minnesotan-quirks! The Minneapolis based brewer posted to it's website and facebook page what it calls a primer for all those out-of-state visitors coming this week for the Super Bowl.

The list begins with a photo of the deflated, wind torn Metrodome and the title 'Welcome to Minnesota!'. From there the post gets even funnier where they go through a list of facts and explain in an all too Minnesotan way why we are the way we are. Here are a few of my favorites!

  • When we almost collide in a doorway, we will say “Ope.” It’s pure instinct at this point. We don’t know why we say it. We’re sorry we ran into you. We said “Ope.” Let’s move on.

  • Flannel, blaze orange, and camo are not seasonal fashions so much as foundational lifestyle choices.

  • Choppers are big golden/yellow mittens. You can get them at Fleet Farm. They have a silo in the parking lot. The three preceding sentences could be the most Upper Midwestern sentences in existence.

  • Black ice is not an energy drink. Avoid unless you like tow trucks and auto body repair.

  • The snow/dirt/ice/salt/sand mixture on the bottom of our cars? Snow boogers, or just gunk if you prefer.

  • You call them parking garages. We call them parking ramps. Honestly not married to this one, so if you want us to start calling them garages, we’ll work with you. - From the Welcome to Minnesota Primer.

And if you’re wondering who exactly pieced this together, it was the duo of Steve Neuman, the brewery’s copy writer and Twin Cities tweeter (@RandBallsStu).


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