Did you know you've been cutting pizza all wrong? I had no idea until I found this product for Carly's Curious Cabinet today!

Introducing... pizza scissors!

Credit: Dreamfarm via Amazon
Credit: Dreamfarm via Amazon

Instead of using that dumb little regular pizza cutter you can be cool and snip your pizza with some pizza scissors!

Now, Paul and I do have a couple of concerns about this pizza cutter. Concern number 1: How would you cut a deep dish pizza? I'm pretty sure you can't with these things! Maybe there's a deep dish pizza scissors out there? Concern number 2: How big are these scissors? Are they going to be big enough to cut a large pizza or do they only cut small pizzas in one cut?

So there's room for improvement here but maybe this could be a good holiday gift for the pizza lover in your life! They are $27 though...


If you missed Carly's Curious Cabinet today, listen below!



If you're interested in more from this seller, check out their Amazon store HERE!


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