Located along U.S. Route 52 to the southeast of the Twin Cities, Cannon Falls, population slightly above 4,000 residents, and the 90's grunge band 'Nirvana' have something in common. Pachyderm Studios. The band 'Nirvana' actually recorded In Utero their third and final studio album right down the road from Faribault!

The album was recorded during a two-week period in February 1993, in the studio that was founded in 1988 by Jim Nickel, Mark Walk, and Eric S. Anderson, with acoustic design by Bret Theney of Westlake Audio. It boasted the same Neve 8068 recording console that was used in Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios as well as Studer tape machines. The house was designed by Herb Bloomberg, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. A fun fact about the band coming to record at the studio in 1993, the band booked under the alias 'The Simon Richie Bluegrass Ensemble'.

'Nirvana' wasn't the only big name band to record a record in Cannon Falls, bands like Soul AsylumMudvayne, and Babes In Toyland all recorded albums there. The studio is still in existence with the home, studio, and grounds having been completely renovated.

Musicians are able to use and record with the wide variety of musical equipment and guitars that are on hand at the studio. You can see some photos of the location here!

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