Minnesota's climate is more like Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin than Men at Works Down Under but that hasn't stopped from people claiming there have been phantom kangaroos throughout the Midwest including right here in the #BoldNorth. Now there have been loose wallaby's in Minnesota but those were escaped pets. So just in time for Halloween let's look back at Minnesota's lost phantom kangaroo period!

As far as conventional science is concerned, kangaroos of any and all variety are endemic to the Australian continent. They are not found anywhere else in the world. But if some reports of the elusive phantom kangaroo are to be believed, the iconic marsupials can be found all over the world including here in Minnesota. At least from 1957-1967 in Coon Rapids and Anoka. 

Now, this is not your normal kangaroo. These kangaroos suddenly appear and vanish, have abnormal strength and abilities, and are vicious. They are described to be 3.5 - 5.5 feet tall with glowing eyes and ghostly characteristics.

According to Ranker.com, the Coon Rapids kangaroos came as quickly as they disappeared: "Dozens of people reported encounters with the aggressive 'roo, dubbed 'Big Bunny,' who rummaged through trash and supposedly killed a number of local pets. And then, the phantom kangaroo was gone, as quickly and mysteriously as it had appeared."

Most of the sightings of the kangaroos occured around the woods that encompass Coon Rapids beginning in 1957, and the last sighting happening a mile West of Highway 47 near the Anoka County Fairgrounds in 1967.

It seems as though they are still appearing from time to time as recently as 2016 a Coon Rapids resident posted on Facebook about the "zoo in her backyard" and cited a phantom kangaroo.

These phantom kangaroos aren't just seen here, they have also been spotted over time in California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Indiana, to name a few.

Maybe you'll see one if you head up to the Halloween Capital of the World to celebrate.

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