You've got to love social media, it seems to show us something that makes you shake your head in disbelief every day. The latest in these head shakers is the picture above. WHAT and WHY is that and what is it doing on the interstate in rush hour traffic in the south Metro?

I tried googling the phrase car-bike, covered moped tricycle, and yellow covered moped-car. Of all the results the last seemed to have given me my answer as to what the vehicle is most likely. Turns out our yellow three-wheeled friend was most likely made in West Virginia and could more than likely be a ZEV T3-1 Micro. As to why it's on the interstate in rush-hour that seems to be more of a question of the driver.

According to this website, which appears to be the official website of the manufacturer, it tops out at a whopping  (<-- sarcasm) 35MPH! My advice to the person driving "Get off the interstate moron, you are going to get yourself seriously injured or worse."

Take a look at the photo again, the people on the bridge can't help but be transfixed wondering what is going on.

Thanks to my elementary school classmate Margaret for sharing the photo online and letting me share this photo with all of you.

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