Is it the lakes? Nine months of winter? A football team that hasn't let us down this season (yet)? Maybe the non-stop road construction?

Minnesotans seem to roll with the punches, every single one of them. Even when it seems like everything is going the wrong way for Minnesota, it doesn't phase the people. In Wallet Hub's latest study, it shows that Minnesota is the 3rd happiest state in the nation, following Hawaii (duh) and Utah.

So, why are the people in Minnesota so happy? Well, according to the study, Minnesota ranked toward the top in each of the study's main categories for happiness.

Happiness in Minnesota (1=Happiest; 25=Avg.)
• 24th – % of Depressed Adults
• 9th – Adequate-Sleep Rate
• 15th – Suicide Rate
• 22nd – Long-Term Unemployment Rate
• 9th – Number of Work Hours
• 3rd – Volunteer Rate
• 4th – Separation & Divorce Rate
• 7th – Income Growth
• 3rd – Safety

As you see from the rankings above, Minnesotans are living a great life, even if there is three feet of snow half of the year and we really only get three months to enjoy our best weather. It isn't stopping us!

Being involved in your community, having a stable relationship along with great income growth, Minnesotans are feeling pretty dang good.

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