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By some standards, I am still relatively new at this...career. I've been 'doing' radio for what will be 9 years, the last 7 in a full-time capacity. There are some things that you learn early on that you'll never forget. There are some things that aren't taught but are common sense that you should do and shouldn't do while in the workplace, especially if that workplace transmits words and music hundreds and thousands of miles traditionally and electronically. My former 2005 high school classmate recently found that out in St. Cloud.

I went to Irondale High School, class of 2005, with roughly 300+ other graduates. Some of our class went into the trades, some into business, some it seems are still in high school. A fellow classmate, former morning show host in St. Cloud on another frequency, and working for another company, resigned last week after going on a seemingly hate-filled rant against another radio host who was hired rather than him in Iowa.

I'm not going to name him, it's not worth it to me to do so. If you really want to read about him and what he said and didn't against another professional you can read it here and here. 

What I will say is, he didn't use good judgment, he abused his platform as he used it to taunt and bully this individual who's sole transgression against him was that they were picked to be hired rather than him. Personally, after listening to what was captured and played, I thought what happened to him that he would do this? It was purely unabashedly uncalled for.

He posted an apology after he resigned, but that was quickly deleted and is now stating that it was a joke gone wrong, it was his 'schtick', it was taken out of context. It was a "hatchet job" against him to force him out. 

What it was, was wrong. It was wrong of him to do, period. It was wrong of him to personally attack and wish harm on this person, all for being a better candidate in a job interview. Grow Up. Bullying is wrong. Disagreeing on ideals and politics is fine, and a part of being a grown adult. Losing out on a job happens. But what happened next, in this case, is just wrong.

It doesn't mean much coming from me, but I am sorry for his conduct.

*climbs off soapbox*


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