So yesterday we asked you if a company were to make a scented candle that smelled like your hometown, what would that candle smell like. You answered, and in some cases, I don't think we are going to light those candles. Oofta.

Here are the responses we got on our Facebook page:

  • Suzanne S commented that her hometown candle would smell like "Chlorine & suntan lotion! White Sands Pool! Wonderful memories!"
  • Julie P and Debbie K wrote "roses"
  • Chad U commented "Granola Bars"
  • Renee M wrote "disinfectant"

All of those candles scented like the above I might light. Other hometown smells weren't as great sounding or smelling. I'd probably leave these candles in the bag/wrapper rather than risk lighting these.

  • Jerney wrote "sewer"
  • Andrew commented "Meth"
  • Kelly went with "dead fish"
  • Brenda commented  "the waste treatment facility"
  • Philina put "dog food"

There are some interesting flavors/scents of candles based on your hometowns. It might have something to do with how you feel about your hometown when you would describe the smell of it.

In my hometown, New Brighton, if I had to pick a scent for it I would have to go with cut wood and formaldehyde. I would bike to work in high school, and I would have to go by the Bell Lumber Telephone Pole Yard, and that is the smell I get when I think of my hometown.

I personally liked/like the smell, it sort of resembled the scent of blueberries to me. I intentionally will drive by it when I am in town visiting my parents, but my wife absolutely hates the smell. We all have different thoughts and opinions of what smells good/bad.

So would you buy a candle scented like your hometown? If not here are some of the best small towns to live in across America!

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