Time is ticking down for you get in on the cash, up to $5,000 cash, with the Power 96 Cash Code. With three cash codes given out each weekday you still have plenty of opportunities to stuff your wallet, purse, pockets or bank account with some fun money before it all comes to an end on Friday October 6, 2017.

I wish I could score that five grand for myself. With winter just around the corner I'd use the money to pick up a couple of used snowmobiles. I'd love to be able to go flying across the snow with one of my grown kids following behind. I grew up riding sleds with my buddies but my kids have never experienced that and I'd like to be able to show them how much fun it is to cut a new path through that white virgin snow on a beautiful sunny day or grab some air as you blast through a snowdrift. Nothing like it in the whole world.

What would you do with some extra money to play with? Don't say "pay some bills," that's boring. This is money for you, have some fun with it, you deserve it but the only way you can win is to listen to Power 96 every weekday between now and Oct. 6 at at 7:20AM, 12:20PM and 4:20PM. If you're a Power 96 VIP, enter each of the codes you hear right here. Then, if you’re a winner, we’ll call and surprise you with the amount you’ve won, from $100 – $5,000.

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