A little over a year ago the Verizon in Faribault moved locations. This left their old location vacant and so far no one has made it their home. Until now! We think...

According to a Facebook post, a Caribou Coffee will be opening in the old Verizon location! And one comment on the post says it should have a drive-through!

People commenting on the Facebook post are a little confused as to why it's going to be a Caribou since there's already one in Hy-Vee. Others are wishing they'd re-open Starbucks in that location. The building was originally home to a Starbucks which was then closed and then Verizon moved in.

I actually used to work at Caribou and I'm a huge fan of Caribou so I can tell you that there is a minor difference between the Caribou inside Hy-Vee and standalone Caribous.

At Caribous inside of grocery stores, you aren't able to utilize the Caribou Perks rewards program. If I'm remembering correctly it's because the Caribou inside of a grocery store is owned by the grocery store, not corporate, which is why the Perks aren't able to be used.

So since I'm a huge Caribou fan I, of course, have a Perks account and I'm very excited that (if this Caribou does indeed open) I'll be able to use it!


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