After 80 years the Robbinsdale Dining Hall sold the dining hall space to the Minnesota State Fair. But now they had this yellow building with nothing in it. They had to find a replacement!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the replacement for the Robbinsdale OES Dining Hall is.....


A Pronto Pup stand!

Yep, because we totally need another Pronto Pup stand. Don't get me wrong, I love pronto pups! If I don't get at least one while I'm at the fair something terrible has happened to me.

According to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, "Gregg Karnis, the supplier for State Fair Pronto Pup concessions, has bought the building and plans to use the front for a retail location serving" Pronto Pups. The back of the dining hall will be used to produce the Pronto Pups to the different vendors. And the part that I think could be really cool: "the design will allow fair-goers to see into part of the kitchen and watch the batter being made."

Ok, I'm pumped to see this come August! Hurry up summer, I need some Pronto Pups ASAP!


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