It is November 27th, and the forecast for today shows highs near 60 degrees. That's right, 60 degrees. Now, this just isn't right, at least not as far as I'm concerned. It should be much cooler, perhaps have some snow on the ground, to go along with the Christmas carols that are now playing.

I was driving around my neighborhood over the weekend and saw that people are taking advantage of the warmer weather. There were several who were finishing their Christmas decorating, or raking up the leaves, in general getting ready for the snow to fly, and stick.

I was not prepared to see anyone with the lawn mower out, much less more than one person mowing their lawn. It's the end of November, the lawn mowers "should" be put away and all we should be seeing is shovels and snow-blowers.

I am not against the warmer weather, in fact I like not having to practice my winter driving skills. However, I will draw the line at mowing my lawn in November. I just won't do it.

This is why I choose to stay in Minnesota; we are supposed to get all 4 seasons, and I enjoy something about them all.


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