Do you remember the "Where's Waldo?" pictures?  Now you can find Waldo and all of his friends on Google Maps!  I thought it was a bit of an April Fools joke at first but this is actually a real thing...and it is fun for kids AND adults!

According to, Where's Waldo? is showing up on Google Maps for a week on Android, iOS, and the desktop.  I was using Google Maps while traveling for Easter to visit family and I just had to check out this new feature.

Waldo was poking his head out on Google Maps so I clicked on his picture and Google Maps didn't turn in to a Where's Waldo map but it did turn in to a fun little game that I wasted way too much time on.  As with all Where's Waldo pictures, the drawings were amazing and looked just like the books my kids searched through not too many years ago.

So, what does this fun game do?  There are 6 different maps that you can search on but in order to pass to the next one, you have to find Waldo first.  There are a few other fun friends that you can find too, including Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw, the villain.  I didn't remember searching for all of those characters in the books but it added some additional minutes to the game as I was on the hunt to find all of those too.

Go have fun a bit today and find Waldo!  And...maybe you will find every single character on each map, just like me.  ;)

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