As the temps are rising there are some real chances we are going to be seeing more of people than we are maybe used to. One of the things people might notice more of during the summer months would be tattoos. You'd never know by seeing me that I indeed have 4, but I just got them in places that I could cover up. When I saw the headline for this Newsweek article about 'Which Country Has The Most Tattooed People' I instantly thought the US. I was WAY off!

According to a recent global study, Italy is the country where you’re most likely to run into someone with at least one tattoo - but the U.S. is not far behind. The U.S. came in 3rd with roughly 45% of those surveyed copping to having some ink.

Israel was at the bottom of the 18 countries surveyed with just 25 percent, followed by Turkey with 30 percent. Surprisingly around 38 percent of those who responded in the 18 countries had at least one tattoo.

AND if you think tattoos are solely for us millennials (we ruin everything, right?), think again. Thirty-two percent of people surveyed between 14 and 29 were tattooed while 45 percent of those between 30 and 49 had been inked. For the over 50s, it was 28 percent.

Do you remember when your mom told you that you'd regret your tattoo? Sorry, mom, the survey showed that 72 percent have no regrets about their tattoos.

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