The radio business is a funny thing, just when I think I've dealt out my final tickets to a popular event, someone comes through with another handful tickets. That's what happened last Friday when our new sales guy, Kevin, scored me some Minnesota Renaissance Festival tickets to give away this week on the Power 96 Morning Show. I don't even have to tell you how popular this prize has been. If you've been trying to win these bad boys over the last two weeks, you've probably experienced being caller No. 4, or endless ringing only to be told there was already a winner and listen tomorrow. Frustrating, I know, I wish I had enough to give to everyone but like I said I've only got another handful, so it's back to the phones and trying to be the fastest through to be that magic caller No. 9 and score your pair. Heads up, if your following us on Twitter I've been trying to let you know when the next pair will be given away.

Good luck and have fun at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, weekeends now through the first weekend of October in Shakopee.

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