I'm almost always eating! I'll have breakfast, drive to work, need to eat a snack, then a little later have lunch, then a little later I'll eat another snack, then I'll drive home and then have dinner. Sometimes I even have a snack after I get home before dinner! And sometimes I eat a snack before going to bed too!

All in all, I feel like I eat a lot. And I'm a tiny person so I think this baffles other people as much as it baffles me.

Well, according to the Food Network, there could be an explanation for this! I was intrigued, so I wanted to share this list with you in case you experience the same things as me.


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    When you're stressed, many people go straight to the fridge! I guess that has to do with a chemical in your body called cortisol, which is a stress hormone that causes you to eat more. Doctors suggest instead of eating when you're stressed to try working out, writing in a journal, or doing yoga. Hey, I do yoga! A step in the right direction I guess!

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    Not Eating Enough Good Fats

    We always try so hard to avoid fats but monounsaturated fats are actually good for you! Eating foods that contain this kind of fat, like nuts, avocados, and olives, helps you feel more full. I love avocados so I better grab some on the way home!

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    Not Getting Enough Sleep

    Ohhhhhh I'm so guilty of this one! Doctors say if you don't get enough sleep it messes with your hormones that regulate hunger. So if you don't get enough sleep your body will think it needs food, when really it doesn't.

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    Ummmmm, I'm also guilty of this, I rarely drink enough water. Apparently sometimes when you feel hungry it's the body saying it needs water. Confusing, right?! So if you feel like you're hungry, try drinking some water first. If the hungry feeling goes away, you were just thirsty!

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    You Eat Too Many Artificial Sweeteners

    We've been told that anything diet is better for us, but now there are studies saying that it's NOT actually better for us. Oh my gosh, more confusing stuff! Recent research shows that artificial sweeteners, which is what's found in diet things like diet coke, could increase your feelings of hunger. So try your best to swap out those diet pops for a healthier alternative!

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    It Could be a Medical Condition

    If you've tried everything to stop eating so much but you still feel really hungry it could actually be a medical condition and you should talk to your doctor. It could be a sign of diabetes or an over-active thyroid.

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