We all have those days: you’re just so exhausted you WISH your tub was closer to your bed so you could take a bath and then slide right into bed.

Ok, it sounds kind of weird, but if your dream is to have a tub in your bedroom, then this home is for you!

This home for sale in Red Wing, built in 1932, has bathtubs in at least 2 of the 6 bedrooms! I say “at least” because the tubs in the bedrooms are never addressed in the listing. Nope! These tubs just casually make appearances in the photos! Which is why there is only evidence of 2.

Take a look:

That’s weird, right? Someone else please think this is weird.

I’m wondering if back when this home was built that it was a sort of luxury to have your tub next to your bed, but I'm not so sure...

I could not find anything in the history of tubs about them being installed in bedrooms, so if you know anything about this, let me know!


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