Having a well-manicured lawn is almost like a right of passage in the adult world. If you've got a good-looking lawn you've got your life together. But actually, we should be considering mowing less. Many people around the world and cities in southeast Minnesota are promoting 'No Mow May', where you don't mow your grass until June.

I had two neighbors growing up who would always keep their lawns pristine. If their grass was just a LITTLE too long we'd always tease them and ask what was wrong. They took great pride in their lawns. I think if they tried to participate in 'No Mow May' they might lose it! But try your best because it's good for the environment.

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By extending the period of time between mowing, Bee City USA says it "creates habitat and can increase the abundance and diversity of wildlife including bees and other pollinators." And as we've all seen in the past few years, pollinators, especially bees, have been in trouble population-wise and we need to work to help them. A super-easy way to do that is basically by doing nothing at all and not mowing in May!

There are rules that can be different in each town for how tall your grass can be so before participating make sure to check on that. It's very possible that if you reach out to the city and talk to them about No Mow May that they'll be all for it. I know in Rochester the city has signs that you can put out letting them know that's why you're not mowing.

So consider participating in No Mow May. It makes your life easy for a month and it helps the pollinators.

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