Ever gone a full day of fishing and not caught a thing? This lady has a whole school of fish jumping on the dock to see her.

You know when you get home to feed your dog and they get so excited because it's lunch time? I had no idea that fish do the exact same thing. Maybe a goldfish, but not fish living in a pond. Jo Ann Hobbs right here in Wichita Falls has got a pond on her property that she has stocked with cat fish. I wouldn't think fish would be excited to see their owner, but they love this lady.

They know when it's feeding time. They get so excited a few of them even jump on the dock to see her. That's crazy to me. I've seen fish scramble for food, but I've never seen a bunch jump on a dock like this. Jo Ann said, “When the Grandkids come out, I hand them a fishing pole and tell them they have to catch lunch. Haha they love it!”

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If you wanted to catch one of these bad boys, you could just grab one off the dock. No pole required at this pond. Now if only fishing was this is easy when I would do it. I spent many days not catching a damn thing, but Jo Ann here has them literally eating out of her hand. Guess I need to build a pond and have my own school of fish.

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