The all-time record high temperature for today in Faribault is 54 degrees. The forecast high today is 61 degrees. The forecast low for this weekend is 7 degrees. I am not a meteorologist but I do know when warm and cold air masses collide you can get severe weather. So, be aware there is a chance of severe thunderstorms later today and tonight. I am sure you saw the news reports of the tornadoes over the weekend in the southeastern United States.

It is hard to believe one tornado can be on the ground for 250 miles! Let's hope we do not see anything like that tonight in Minnesota. However, there are high wind warnings for our area tonight. There are forecasts for up to 80 miles an hour wind gusts tonight in Minnesota. The National Weather Service is calling for 60 miles an hour wind gusts tonight. Just to put that in perspective,  a category 1 hurricane has wind speeds of 74 to 95 miles an hour.

So, be sure to stay tuned to KDHL for any weather updates. Plus, if you have not signed up for county or community emergency notifications on your cell phone maybe you should?

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Listed For $15 Million, Minnesota's Windermere Estate Is Truly A Sight To See!

If money was no object and you could own any estate in the United States, you just mind find yourself living in Greenwood, Minnesota on your own island. It's hard to imagine a more beautiful place to call home than this estate that listed for $15 million in 2021.

The Windermere estate is constructed on a 1.37 acre private island, completely encompassed by over 1150 square feet of lake frontage and spectacular panoramic views of St. Alban's Bay on Lake Minnetonka.

According to the listing on, it was built under the guiding principles of Andrea Palladio, who was one of history's most noted and revered architects. The property features one of Minnesota's largest residential glass enclosed atriums.

Since the estate sits securely on its own island, a private, waterfront drive provides exclusive access. As visitors drive over the bridge, they are delivered to the terraced motor court. Meanwhile, the owners access their exclusive tunnel that leads directly into a luxury garage with spaces for 8 cars & a car wash.

Take a look at the astonishing 4-story Windermere estate below, which is filled with amazing amenities like a 12-person theater, bar lounge, double wine rooms, cigar and poker room, indoor grotto, full gym, sauna, locker room, relaxation room, and outdoor pool.

If you're going to dream, dream big!

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