It's  always a thing.  You get to the bottom of the lotion bottle, or the shampoo bottle, or conditioner, whatever bottle that has a pumper attached.  And there is product there that you can't get to.  What to do?  You either cut the bottom off the bottle, or you turn it over and hit it until the rest of the product comes out.  What a pain!

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A couple from Willmar has a solution!  They  have invented the Verso-Cap.  And it is AWESOME!

Here's how it works- you get to the place when using the pumper doesn't work anymore.  The verso-cap is a cap that you replace the pumper with.  You turn the bottle over and voila!  You have a flip cap that allows you to get the very last drop out of the bottle. You paid for the product, you should be able to use all of the product, right?

Researched, designed and manufactured in Minnesota, Verso-Cap is a savvy and useful product that will help you save money and reduce landfill waste. It's an easy to use, one piece cap that is inexpensive, reusable, durable and fits most bottles.

Over the past year COVID did put the brakes on some of the marketing for the cap, but they are hopeful for this coming summer.  Julie and Steve, the inventors, do have their application in for the Minnesota State Fair.  Hopefully that will happen, and we can pick up one of these caps there.  Or, any of the craft shows that normally happen throughout the summer; we may be able to purchase one there as well.

If you would like to check out the Verso-Cap website, you can order from there as well.

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