I'll preface this by saying, I really love being out in the winter, I snowmobile and ice fish, but the giant snow deposits can end for at least a week. Here's why mother nature can hit pause for a moment. 

We all take it in the shorts every now and then, sometimes it's when we can least afford to, other times we shrug and move on. Yesterday after the latest snow deposit from old man winter, my wife called to say she thought she had cleared enough of the end of the drive for me to get the car in off the street to snow blow the rest of the driveway. (side note, my wife married me for three utilitarian services I provide that she won't do, mow the lawn, vehicle maintenance, and snow removal). So this was kind of big of her to go out and do that.

As I pull into our neighborhood, I see orange. The plow had just gone through, and there was a newly deposited 4 ft high snow bank in front of the driveway. No problem I thought. I'll park the car next to the driveway, open the garage, and blow that drift into oblivion.

So I park the car, jump out, start the snowblower on a single pull. I'm thinking 'I'm the man!', I can almost taste the congratulatory beer on my lips. Snow is flying, the machine is carving up the snow left behind like a hot knife through butter. My first pass of the driveway is done, I go to start back up the drive when all of a sudden it stops throwing snow.

I shut off the snowblower, I've seen all the horror photos of peoples hands clearing a blocked auger/shoot, and inspect the intake and shoot. Clear. HMMM. I look down, the brand new snowblower's steel wire that controls throwing of the snow, snapped. *Sigh*

After stringing together expletives like popcorn on a string at Christmas time, I drag the now 'worthless' snow blower back into the garage and begin the tedious task of having to shovel the other 97% of the driveway, along with clearing around our mailbox.

The repair shop said it's about a week behind right now with repairs, go figure with all the snow we've had, so here's a thought, let's put winter on pause for about a week.

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