Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn and Faribault Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Dusty Dienst are guests on KDHL AM Minnesota 9:30 a.m. today.  Next week is officially Winter Hazard Awareness Week in Minnesota but with the election next week it was decided we would do the program this week.  The Minnesota Department of Public Safety in collaboration with the National Weather Service and other state, federal, and non-profit agencies sponsors Winter Hazard Awareness week each fall.

There will be social media posts next week with specific information each day about various winter weather issues.  Minnesota Winter Hazard Awareness Week runs November 5th through 9th this year.  Some of this information may seem elementary for Minnesotans but it never hurts to remind people about the dangers associated with the winter season.

Information concerning winter storms will be featured on Monday, November 5th.  Outdoor winter safety will be the topic Tuesday, November 6th.  Winter fire safety on Wednesday, November 7th.  Indoor winter safety is addressed on Thursday, November 8th and winter driving on Friday, November 9th.

AM MN Part 1

AM MN Part 2

Townsquare Station Vehicle behind KDHL POWER 96 in Faribault, Mn. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld