Yes, you may have had to read that headline again. A Wisconsin judge has been arrested and faces charges of possession of child pornography. The Wisconsin State Department of Justice has announced that Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Brett Blomme was arrested on Tuesday after a investigation alleges that he made multiple uploads of child pornography in an app.

Blomme, 38, was arrested and taken into custody by special agents from the Divisional Criminal Investigation unit. The department's statement says that he made several uploads of child pornography through a messaging application called Kik in October and November of 2020. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, he was arrested in Dane County and faces criminal charges that are expected to be filed on Wednesday.

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Blomme used the Kik mobile messenger app. That app has been identified by some as a dangerous app that sometimes can be exploited by child predators. There is no phone number associated with the app, only a username and password that you can create. warns parents that it provides a level of anonymity that many messenger apps don't.

Blomme, under the name "dommasterbb" uploaded 27 videos and images containing child porn. Some of which were uploaded at a Milwaukee County government building.

Blomme and his husband share two homes, one in Milwaukee and one in Dane County. Both residents were searched after a search warrant was approved by a reserve judge. Blomme's vehicle was also searched.

The Milwwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett commented on the arrest, saying it was a "complete surprise," and that the allegations are alarming. Barrett had been a strong supporter of Blomme and had offered him several positions such as chair of the board of zoning appeals and put him up for a court vacancy in 2019.

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