I recently had a website pop-up on my Facebook page that will help you save $300 on your next EpiPen two-pack. If you're eligible, the website, EpiPen.com, states that you'll get an EpiPen Savings Card that will allow you to use that $300 savings for up to three EpiPen 2-paks until December 31.

Thankfully I don't have a need for the use of an EpiPen, but I have friends and relatives who do require one on their person or within reach at all times. This injector is used to treat serious allergic reactions to being bitten or stung by insects, eating foods, drugs, or other allergic triggers. The medication, epinephrine, quickly works to help improve breathing, stimulate the heart and raise dropping blood pressure, reduce hives, and swelling of the face, lips, and throat and overall, counter the effects of anaphylaxis.

Like I said, I don't have to use an EpiPen, so make sure you check with insurance to confirm that you can use this savings card in conjunction with your current plan.

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