I guess I didn't realize how putrid the Minnesota Timberwolves were this past COVID-19 shortened NBA season. The Wolves have a 14% chance at landing the #1 overall pick in this year's NBA Draft. Two other teams also have the same chance as the Wolves do, 14%, at the top pick, those teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Much like draft lotteries of the past for the Wolves, it wouldn't be surprising if they didn't get it. USA Today published online today the odd's for landing the #1 overall pick and what the odds were for a top-4 pick.

  1. Warriors – 14.0% chance at No. 1, 52.1% at top four
  2. Cavaliers – 14.0% chance at No. 1, 52.1% at top four
  3. Timberwolves – 14.0% chance at No. 1, 52.1% at top four
  4. Hawks – 12.5% chance at No. 1, 48.1% at top four
  5. Pistons – 10.5% chance at No. 1, 42.1% at top four
  6. Knicks – 9.0% chance at No. 1, 37.2% at top four
  7. Bulls – 7.5% chance at No. 1, 32.0% at top four
  8. Hornets – 6.0% chance at No. 1, 26.3% at top four
  9. Wizards – 4.5% chance at No. 1, 20.3% at top four
  10. Suns – 3.0% chance at No. 1, 13.9% at top four

Representing the Wolves virtually 'at' the draft lottery is one of the newest members of the pack, D'Angelo Russell who came over from Golden State in a trade for Andrew Wiggins back in February. Russell has his work cut out for him, as tonight marks the 23rd time in 31 seasons that the Timberwolves have participated in the lottery according to Fansided.

Fansided goes on to state that the ball hasn't ever really bounced the way of the Wolves.

Historically, Minnesota hasn’t had the best of luck in the lottery. In the 22 draft lotteries in which the Wolves have participated thus far, the Wolves have kept the same draft position 10 times when the ping-pong balls began to fly. Minnesota has ended the day with a worse draft position in the other 12 years. - Fansided.com

Bleacher Report states online that this really isn't a great draft to have a top pick as there isn't a clear standout player at #1.

The NBA Draft itself will be held late this year due to COVID-19. The official NBA Draft will take place on Oct. 16.


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