A suspected UFO was spotted above Memphis Tennessee, but it is the eyewitness who recorded the peculiar sight that has gotten attention on social media. Check out the video of the UFO's, along with the woman's commentary, and let us know what you think.

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"What is that y'all? We finna die". That was one Memphis woman's reaction to seeing UFO's. Of course, this is a valid response by any person seeing UFO's but this woman's genuine concern as she observes the bright lights moving along the night sky has grabbed the attention online.

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"It might be some more coming because they've been coming in streaks", said the videographer. She clearly had been watching these UFO's closely as they flew over the Tennessee city. While the woman's reaction to spotting these unidentified flying objects is making headlines, folks on social media are saying that they have seen similar occurrences.

Check out the full video from YouTube below.

As more and more UFO's get spotted, many on social media wonder how anyone could believe that aliens are not a real thing.

Hopefully this woman has recovered from what she witnessed, as she definitely seemed shook in the moment.

See the original report on the story via @Complex below.

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