This is such a heartwarming story.

Bonnie Valdez posted a photo of cash all over the ground at a Texas gas station during the winter storm of 2021.

Customers reportedly left the cash behind after they took cases of water that were outside of the gas station. Many in Texas have been without power and water for a week now, so when necessities are available folks are taking advantage of the opportunity.

However, that did not stop some "customers". from paying for what they took. Valdez reports in the Facebook post below that she found over $600 in cash at the store after people took the cases of water outside the gas station.

By the looks of things in the photo below, customers must have slid dollar bills through the crack at the front doors before leaving with the water they needed.

In recent years we have seen others take what hey need after hurricanes to survive, but I can't recall anyone ever reporting that people actually left cash for what they took.

This says so much about the people of Texas and their honesty. Perhaps the rest of the world can learn from the story Bonnie Valdez shared on social media.

Our thoughts are with our neighbors to the west of us.



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