Kwik Trip is not just a convenience store/gas station they are making out to be a destination. I enjoy their breakfast sandwiches and coffee. I usually will also stop there for some produce or bread and milk when we need it when I am heading home from work. But fried chicken? Yes, Kwik Trip fried chicken will soon be an option as some locations. 

Check out this Facebook post from earlier this week!


The social media post claims that there will be "Fried Chicken" coming "to a store near you!" Owatonna is scheduled to be getting the fried chicken offerings beginning on September 30th. Rochester locations will begin offering fried chicken beginning on September 23rd.

It appears that Faribault will not be getting the option of fried chicken according to the Kwik Trip website. 

Currently, over 80 Kwik Trip locations are offering the option for customers to purchase the made in house fried chicken.


It does raise the question of what Kwik Trip will be looking at introducing next as it is now competing with KFC, and one could have BK and McDonalds with the coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

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