When I was living at home, I could not imagine giving up my dog for anything! You couldn't give me a million dollars to leave my dog, she's too sweet and cuddly! But apparently some people would give up their pet just to keep their social media accounts... what?!

A recent study asked the question: Would you rather ____ or give up social media for a year? And these answers are ridiculous!

51% of people surveyed would give up coffee for a year over giving up social media for a year. Ummmm no way! I'm not so sure I'd survive without my coffee.

36.1% said they would rather gain 10 pounds than give up social media for a year. Also no way. I mean, 10 pounds isn't that much, but if all I have to do is give up social media to avoid that then sign me up!

17.7% would rather have their relationship be long-distance for a year than to give up social media. Trust me, I did a long-distance relationship with my fiancé for only 4 months and it was terrible, don't do it if you can avoid it!

14.4% would rather have no face-to-face contact with friends for a year before they give up social media. What?!? What is this world coming to.. I would be so sad if I didn't see my friends for an entire year.

And finally.. the saddest one.. even though a small percentage of people said this, I'm still upset..

8.1% of people surveyed said they would rather give up their pet before giving up social media for one year. No way, I love animals too much to do that!


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