In typical COVID fashion we have had just gorgeous weather during what would have been the Minnesota State Fair. While we don't have the opportunity to walk Judson, slide the big slide, or sit and people watch (there is your local big box store), we can still see some of Minnesota's best as the Minnesota State Fair is sharing pictures of their virtual entries in certain categories and I gotta say WOW. Check out these decorated cookies that were voted Top-5 yesterday. They are absolute works of art!

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Here is the official cookie decorating winner for this year, and it is just awesome. Congrats to Kristi K of St. Paul for her award winning design. Look at the gopher mascot riding the skyride!

Another top-5 decorated cookie came from Casey M of Elk River. Casey went with the iconic look of the State Fair Grandstand Display showing the dates of the fair, with two of the skyride cars gliding by. It's almost like looking at a picture.

Kelsey J of Edina had this almost button-like entry to the decorating contest. It's complete with a butter carving, an ear of corn, Fairchild the gopher, mini-donuts, and what would the State Fair be without the 4-H?

Christine B of Ramsey had a clever take on the cookie decorating contest. She had a Minnesota state cookie cutter so she decided to decorate the state of Minnesota with designs from things you'd see or get at the Minnesota State Fair.

The last of the top-5 featured decorated cookies came from Emily H of Andover. Emily has a giant blue ribbon, the big Ferris wheel, some State Fair food staples, and of course Fairchild the gopher.

You can see all of the cookie submissions here. If you thought the cookies were intense and awesome, check out the crop art, there is a Hamms Bear! 


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