Starbucks is joining the ever-growing list of restaurants getting rid of plastic straws! But Starbucks has big plans to get rid of these hunks of plastic: they want them all gone, from all of their stores GLOBALLY, by 2020!

Guys, that's 2 years from now. That's crazy, but also awesome!

I'm doing my best to not use plastic straws because of how bad they are for the environment, but sometimes it can be hard when restaurants are so automatic: when you get a drink, you get a straw. The biggest issue I've run into with my "no plastic straws" pledge, was when I bought a bubble tea a couple weeks ago and realized I kind of needed the straw in order to get the bubbles. Dang it!

So it's great that these restaurants are taking the initiative and getting rid of straws for good! But what's Starbucks' plan? I mean, it seems like coffee shops run on plastic straws, right? They plan to replace the straws with "adult sippy cup" lids. It's exactly what you're thinking. They already use some of these lids on certain drinks they sell but once all the straws are gone for good that lid is what will replace them.

Now it's time to sit back and see which restaurant is going to say "see-ya" to straws next!


Source: NPR


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