In what seems like the clearing of another gigantic hurdle, on Wednesday a Minnesota Senate panel has moved the state closer towards the reality of legalizing Sunday liquor sales.

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Minnesota is currently one of just 12 states that prevents liquor stores from opening on Sundays, but soon that total could drop to 11 as the Senate Commerce Committee approved the bill on a 7-4 vote.

This comes after the House of Representatives voted 85-45 earlier this week to pass the bill that would repeal the 81-year-old ban. Supporters of repealing the ban say consumers want choices and businesses are losing customers on Sundays to neighboring states.

While the bill is gaining steam, the celebrations can't start quite yet, as the bill must still pass the full Senate floor. It’s unclear when the bill will come up for a final vote, but some reports say it could come as early as next week.

Should the bill pass through the Senate, it's been reported that Governor Mark Dayton will, indeed, sign it into law.

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